Slow Release Watering Bag for Trees

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Suitable for trees with a girth of 8 cm to 30 cm. Approx. 60 ltr of water are gradually released to the plant in 6 to 8 hours. A zip makes it possible to join 2 or more bags together. The sturdy material does not sag. Can be used for several years

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Slow Release Watering Bag was designed by experienced gardeners to increase tree survival rate and set the stage for a long and healthy life. It offer perfect solution to get the right amount of water to your plants without soaking them in the process or wasting water due to run-off and evaporation. This watering bag keeps the dirt around the tree wet, but not the trunk so you don’t need to worry about causing your trees rot.The water automatically seeps out through small holes of the bottom and will be directly absorbed into the root system. It will save your time, money, and effort while properly and efficiently watering your trees.



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